A Coalition to Improve Mental Health Services


The Northeast Nebraska Behavioral Health Network DOES NOT provide or furnish mental health, behavioral health, or medical services or treatments. If you or someone you know needs those services or treatments please contact your primary care physician or a mental health or behavioral professional that serves your community. Some of those may be found here: https://www.region4bhs.org/NetworkProviders/RegionFundedServices.aspx



The Northeast Nebraska Behavioral Health Network’s primary goal is to enhance access to behavioral health and mental health services in the region, primarily through increasing the number of behavioral health and mental health providers and professionals in our 24-county  northeast and north-central Nebraska region. Rather than focus solely on professional recruitment to a very rural area, NeNEBHN has elected to focus on partnering with communities and stakeholders in building a “grow your own” pipeline of behavioral health and mental health professionals and concentrate on building reinforcements (e.g., housing, financial assistance, and community supports) that make healthcare professionals relocating or returning to rural communities more likely. NeNEBHN will also design and implement a centralized placement system for professional openings and student placements with regional providers and institutions of higher education.